Monday, January 3, 2011

What is Gemstone Energy Medicine?

Gemstone energy medicine is the art and science of healing body, emotions, mind, and spirit using either healing gemstones or oral remedies imparted with the energies of these gemstones. It is a discipline that involves the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of health conditions by working with the body's energy field. This energy field includes the aura that surrounds the body, plus the energetic counterparts of physically manifested tissue.

The underlying premise for gemstone energy medicine is the principle "as above, so below." The energy field of the body exists "above" at a higher vibration than physical tissue. It is also based on the observation that the energetic condition of tissue and cells precedes its physical manifestation. Health issues, disease, weakness, pain, even injuries are caused first by disturbances in the energetic fabric. When you release these disturbances, then harmony and health in the physical tissue will soon follow.

Gemstone energy medicine also works at a deeper level to find and address the emotional, karmic, or mental influences that caused the energetic disharmony in the first place. Thus gemstone energy medicine is ideal not only for treatment of manifested health issues, but also for preventive therapy. If you use the gemstones or gemstone remedies that you are attracted to, disharmony at higher levels of your being will be corrected before it manifests physically.

Gemstone energy medicine practitioners respect the innate intelligence of the body, and recognize that intelligence exists at various levels and body centers. Levels of intelligence include the molecular, cellular, organ, organ system, and whole body, as well as the emotional, karmic, mental, and spiritual. Intelligence centers include the heart, head, stomach, and more specifically, each of the chakra centers. Using gemstone therapy to clear and open these intelligence centers helps a person make better choices in all aspects of life, such as what foods to eat, what to do when challenged by relationship problems, how to succeed financially, what therapies will best treat a certain health condition, and even which gemstones to use for self-therapy.

Diagnosis of the energetic causes of health conditions is an advanced study. By applying therapeutic gemstones in the aura, a gemstone therapist can determine the types of energetic anomalies and imbalances that underlie a physical health condition. A gemstone therapist would compare the gemstones that a client's energy field commonly attracts, including the purpose of these gemstones and their anatomical affinities, with the way the client's energy field interacts with the gemstones. This process can paint a picture of the energetic nature of the disharmony and give clues about how to alleviate it.

Because gemstone energy medicine works energetically, it is a complementary modality. It can be used safely with mainstream medicine, chiropractic, herbs, flower remedies, massage, cranial-sacral therapy, homeopathy, psychotherapy, and others. Gemstone energy medicine provides fundamental energetic support to enhance the benefits a patient receives from these other therapies.

Isabelle Morton Isabelle Morton is the founder of the Gemstone Therapy Institute, and worldwide authority on gemstone energy medicine. She is an author, instructor, inventor, intuitive, entrepreneur, and founder of GEMFormulas, gemstone energy medicine natural remedies. GEMFormulas offer people a better way to meet the unique health challenges of the modern world. For more information and videos please visit

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